Individual environmental awareness

Upon request, we design cohesive recycling concepts together with our customers.

Example of use:

Productive environmental protection through textile processing

The production of individual, precisely tailored laminates results in a significant amount of residual material that is actually waste material. But environmentally friendly, efficient production procedures allow us to create value from this laminate material by reworking it and processing it further. Today, the durability, elasticity and breathability properties of these recycled materials are of the same quality as the previously manufactured product.

The unmixed character of the recycled material can be guaranteed by thermo-laminating the surface materials and the respective non-woven material (wool and polyester) in an environmentally friendly way right from the outset with a special hot-melt adhesive co-polyester. This lends itself to a cycle that is affordable, environmentally friendly and that creates high-quality products. The result is a reduction in the use of valuable raw materials and a reduced workload for recycling centers.