Industrial safety from head to toe

High-performance work apparel must comply with numerous safety requirements. pro-Tec products can be found almost everywhere industrial safety clothing is needed, including safety shoes in the construction industry, work overalls in the offshore sector or wear-resistant operating room clothing with a low particle release level. Allergy sufferers also benefit from pro-Tec. For example, bed linens with a high warp and weft density prevent the migration of mite feces. pro-Tec has been design for:

  • use in surface materials and industrial safety clothing
  • weight optimization
  • a high level of mechanical resilience
  • ideal burning behavior
  • ESD protection
  • acid and lye resistance
  • compatibility with other Tec line products

Light and flexible – pro-Tec for work shoes

pro-Tec’s anti-penetration protection in work shoes ensures safe footing wherever you go. The 100% textile laminate provides significant advantages over the popular metal sole. The flexible soles are thinner than 4 millimeters, can be stitched seamlessly and fulfill all of the requirements of the S3 standard.