Innovative, versatile and safe – light glass

Light glass is a glass laminate comprised of a high-strength interlayer and extremely thin glass panes. This composite features the properties of laminated safety glass with the highest degree of splinter binding in the event of breakage, as well as excellent remaining structural capacity. As such, light glass combines an unusually high level of safety with the lightweight characteristics of plastics.

It can be used for all of the design purposes associated with conventional glass panes. Light glass can also be printed and is available in a large selection of coatings. The long-lasting high rigidity level of its interlayer allows light glass to be drawn and curved cold. The so-called lamination curving process additionally makes uniaxial bending of very thin panes possible. Light glass is available in sheet thicknesses starting at 2.9 mm, and under certain circumstances is also available in a bending radius starting at 1000 mm.