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Decorative fabrics used in hazardous areas (e.g., industrial safety, aircraft construction industry, the automotive industry) are subject to strict fire protection guidelines. Aside from the influence on flammability, factors such as smoke gas density, toxicity and heat radiation are decisive. fire-Tec makes a significant contribution toward achieving the corresponding standard values and increasing safety in the relevant sector.

  • complies with fire protection regulations
  • ensures textile products only burn when they have an oxygen content of 33% or more
  • can be chemically cleaned, even with textile surface material
  • has been subject to advance fire tests conducted by TecMove
  • is compatible with other Tec line products

Example of use: aircraft seats

All of the parts in an aircraft seat have to comply with the requirements of FAR 25.853. The seat consists of seating and seat back upholstery. The upholstery is made of a compound consisting of:

1. a leather or textile surface material
2. flame blocking layer
3. foam cushion

Adhesion to the decorative fabric is conducted with hot-melt adhesive webs specially developed (and independently tested) for this purpose. High-performance yarns needled with non-woven fabrics are used for this. All of the materials have a Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) of > 33 auf.

  • Leather and textiles must pass a 12 second vertical flame test.
  • The finished upholstery must pass a 2-minute jet fuel burning test at 1,036°C.
  • A requirement for this is a maximum weight loss of 10%.