Always in top form

Material fatigue often occurs with leather or textiles after prolonged use. bi-Tec allows for the stabilization of elongation throughout the material, ensuring that items, such as frequently used seating, remain in top shape in the long-term. The benefits include:

  • standardized stretch values
  • increased mechanical resilience
  • bagging prevention
  • fire protection optimization
  • more efficient material processing
  • weight reduction, primarily with leather
  • compatibility with other Tec line products

Use of bi-Tec with leather

The primary aim is the standardization of stretch values over the whole area of the material surface (leather). The processing advantages encompass:

punch direction

  • Test runs have demonstrated that “wild” punching in a radius of 360° is possible, making it viable to process the resulting scoops.

physical properties

  • The laminated leather shows significantly greater resilience.


  • The standardization of stretching gives the stitched leather covers a more uniform shape and makes them easier to position.

precision of the components

  • Equalization of the elongation makes the seam pattern more precise and the stitch holes significantly less distorted.


  • The use of bi-Tec results in less wrinkling, and any required heated blow drying can be conducted free of problems.

lightweight construction

  • A number of test runs have demonstrated that bi-Tec functional processing facilitates the processing of leather with the ideal thickness at a weight reduction of up to 40%.