Moving technology – innovative functional processing and decorative fabric finishing

TecMove is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative high-tech textiles used by outfitting operations for the automotive, rail, shipping and aviation industries. We specialize in the functional processing of decorative fabrics with demanding specifications according to our customers’ needs.

The diverse types of basic materials that we process and finish into intelligent surface materials include leather, textiles and plastics. We specifically add new functions and combine different TecMove products with one another to ensure ideal product design. As a highly skilled manufacturer, TecMove is valued by the following sectors:


Sleek, customized interiors born of decorative fabrics with sterling functionality. Available in leather or as textile products.


Air-travel safety and comfort know no compromises. Tec line products offer the best of both worlds.


Robust fabrics enhanced to serve specific functions and keep you on track.


Functional fabrics that live up to the elements and industry standards. It’s durability, full steam ahead.

Furniture industry

Individual designs meet functionality. Comfort seating furniture of the highest standard that prevents unwanted bagging (wrinkles and marks).

Industrial safety

Outdoor gear, work shoes, scrubs, operating room clothing. Industrial safety is ensured from head to toe.

Light glass

We are also a supplier of light glass products specially designed for the aviation industry.